• Odyssey Grid Facilitation


    We can teach at your school, coach at your work, or inspire your colleagues.

  • Exam Interventions


    We can help increase performance in classes and in exams.

  • Facilitation Training


    Create Odyssey Grids, facilitate Odyssey journeys, and take the first step towards becoming a licensed facilitator.

  • Communicate in Tango-dem - Dance a TexTango

    IN TANGO-dem

    Dance a TexTango - an effective way of communicating creatively, 
    as featured in Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System, the book.

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  • Have Odyssey Grid, will travel!

    We offer taster sessions, set courses and design bespoke Odyssey Grid interventions.

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    07942 702010 - sales@odysseygrids.com

  • Exam interventions

    We run exam intervention days to raise grades, run training courses to implement Odyssey Grids, and offer inspiring presentations for educational change.

What people are saying about Odyssey Grids ...

Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System by Leon Conrad and David Pinto proposes an unusual and imaginative program of learning when schools  are calling for conventionality.

Jack Zipes, Leverhulme Visiting Professor of Storytelling, Fairy Tales and Fantasy,  Anglia Ruskin University, author of Creative Storytelling: Building Community, Changing Lives

The Odyssey Grid was a great way to learn stuff - the quality of the ideas that emerged was astounding. Thank you!

TM (Student)

I like the way it was taught. We played a game which really helped me learn and develop my understanding at my own pace. In addition, I learned a lot of useful knowledge.

SB (Student)