Mindful creativity

Working with the grain of the brain

You probably know this already ... spontaneous creativity is great – but it’s unreliable; and discipline is safe, but it can be boring. You probably also know there’s a sweet spot between the two. You may have tried ways of finding it – creativity workshops, brain gym stuff, theatre sports, improvisation games. Great stuff. Hard to apply to specific situations sometimes. That’s where ‘working with the grain of the brain’ comes in. In a fun-filled learning session designed as a non-linear Odyssey Grid™ journey, you’ll be working with a framework that’s been tried and tested over 2,000 years. It will help you make disciplined creativity the order of the day. 

Who is it for?

  • Business leaders

  • Professionals involved in strategy, innovation and delivery in SMEs 

  • Professionals involved in businesses facing change

  • Marketing professionals keen to discover innovative ways of bringing their product or service to market

  • Anyone who wants to explore ways of increasing their creative and intellectual prowess

Group size: 6–24 (1:12 tutor:student ratio)

Time: 1 day

What will you get out of it?

In a fun-filled learning session, you’ll be working with a framework that’s been tried and tested over a period of 2,000 years. The framework you’ll be exploring is known as Aristotle’s 10 Categories of Being. And just because it’s associated with Aristotle, and it’s really old doesn’t mean it’s automatically good, nor does it make it old-fashioned. Actually, it’s a work of human genius. And what makes this framework truly great is that it has provided people with a way of hitting that sweet spot between discipline and creativity to reveal hidden magic ever since it was first used. The roots go back to Classical Greece. The magic happens in you. And because you’re ‘working with the grain of the brain’ it’s inevitably linked to mindfulness. That’s what makes it so special. And the emergent mindful quality that it will help you bring to life is what will make your work stand out.

Darling Arts faculty members Leon Conrad and Giles Abbott have embodied the Categories and use them on a daily basis. They can’t wait to help you use them to enhance the way you:

  • Brainstorm

  • Prepare comprehensive briefs for meetings and negotiations

  • Generate ideas for presentations

  • Generate comprehensive product or service descriptions

  • Discover ways of generating compelling stories and characters

And they can’t wait to help you find out how this work can help you improve your grammar, writing style and composition in the process!

This activity is suitable for:

  • Senior leadership training

  • Group training

  • Confidence, presentation, oration

  • Communication and dialogue

  • Team building, collaboration

  • Self work: inner narrative, developing personal skills, understanding one’s story

  • Mindfulness & being present

  • Managing uncertainty

  • Developing creativity and innovation skills

  • Organisational visioning: corporate narrative, branding, mission statements

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