Principled Negotiation Skills Training with The Academy of Oratory and The Negotiation Lab

For the Corporate Sector:

Effective Communication & Persuasion Skills for Negotiators

This 1-day course offers a new approach to developing effective communication, persuasion skills in the specific context of the Harvard method of principled negotiation using the Odyssey Dynamic Learning approach, developed by David Pinto and Leon Conrad. In addition to its value in communication and persuasion skills training for negotiators, it helps encourage key team-working skills, essential to the professional workplace.

Schedule and learning outcomes:


At the start of the course, the Odyssey GridTM is introduced. It will provide the structure for the day’s course, which will take you on your own Odyssey learning journey.

Odyssey Journeys are conducted via Odyssey Grids: innovative non-linear content-free learning tools, with inspiration built in. The Grid consists of coloured pieces. Each leads to an activity which is relevant to our topic: Effective Communication and Persuasion Skills for Negotiators. The aim of the journey is to reach a new and valuable bit of knowledge, symbolised by the blank piece at the bottom of the grid by the end of the day. Like the best games, this Odyssey GridTM has simple, easy-to-understand rules to get from start to finish.

In this session, we will be covering essential nuggets of knowledge (marked in blue on the Grid). These essential activities cover the importance of presence, use of story structure and of managing emotions. The order will be chosen at random by you, the participants.

You will be asked to make meaningful connections between the activities as we progress through the day. 

Coffee Break

After the break, and into the beginning of the afternoon session, you will explore complementary material (marked in red, pink and green on the Grid). You and your fellow participants will be able to choose around 5 or 6 activities at random from the 12 remaining activities shown on the Grid to embed this learning, use skills in practice, and make intuitive connections between the activities we will be exploring.

The content covers issues such as:

  • Getting more out of your voice
  • Channelling emotions and building rapport
  • Engaging listeners and building empathy
  • Building credibility and trustworthiness
  • Speaking with clarity and eloquence
  • Arguing soundly to build common value
  • Developing flexibility and awareness of body language
  • Developing awareness of status-based relationships and how to ensure they work for you and not against you

Working Lunch (1300-1400hrs)

Screening of the BBC Video, “Battle for the Brent Spar”.


You will continue to explore practical techniques to enhance your personal presence, flexible ways of using story structure and narrative engineering to present your arguments more persuasively, and practical ways to manage your emotions. What’s more, you will not just learn about them in terms of theory, you will be applying these skills in practice using the Harvard Business School Case Study“Sunk Costs: The Plan to Dump the Brent Spar” (Part A). In this practical role play task, you will examine the specific facts and issues facing negotiators from oil giant Royal Dutch Shell and the environmentalist group, Greenpeace, and prepare to present a five-minute (maximum length) group opening statement (around 500 words) that you will have worked on throughout the day, that expresses your team’s views and emotions as you put your approach to collaboration and principled negotiation on the subject into practice.

In 2013, “Sunk Costs: The Plan to Dump the Brent Spar”, written by Samuel Passow, was included in the Premier Case Collection, a specially selected set of the best Harvard Business School cases. The newly defined collection includes 500 cases across all disciplines. Cases in the Premier Collection are either current bestsellers or have been chosen for inclusion by HBS faculty. All Premier Collection Cases have been class-tested at HBS and some have proven especially ”teachable” or have received an enthusiastic response from students.

Coffee Break

After the break, you will present your opening statements and have the chance to get coaching and feedback on your delivery.

At the end of the day, we arrive at our final destination on our Odyssey Journey: the blank piece at the bottom of grid. What we will discover there is, as yet, unknown. We will find the treasure by engaging in the treasure hunt, by undertaking the journey, by going on this collective Odyssey journey together. And we will have loads of fun and surprises on the way … guaranteed!

Because of the unexpectedness, and randomness of the connections, they usually lead to new insights which emerge from ‘the space between’ the activities. And the learning that takes place in the room is typically deeper and more memorable as a result.

This one-day workshop (0900-1730hrs) is taught by Leon Conrad.
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About The Negotiation Lab

The Negotiation Lab (UK), has trained a total of 1,200 participants from 130 countries and 31 academic disciplines in 100 workshops over the six-year period 2008 - 2014. Of the total number of participants trained to date, 235 have been from the Russian Federation and an additional 18 from countries that were once part of the Soviet Union.

Corporations Trained by the Negotiation Lab: Invensys (UK); KPMG (Japan); Halliburton (Russia); Baker Hughes (Spain); EDF (France); E.ON (UK); RWE (Germany); NKT Cables (Germany); Bosch (Germany); WaveLight Laser Systems (Germany); Hydro Aluminium (Germany); Schwarzkopf & Henkel Beauty Products (Germany); Kendrion Electromagnetics (Holland); Sanitas Health Insurance (Spain); OK Group (Zimbabwe).

Governments Trained by the Negotiation Lab: Russian Federation; North Korea; Turkey; CameroonGhana;Kenya;MauritiusSeychelles; Tanzania; Cook IslandsFederal States of MicronesiaKiribatiMarshall Islands; Nauru; Niue; Papua New GuineaSamoaSolomon IslandsTongaTuvaluVanuatu; AnguillaAntigua & BarbudaBritish Virgin IslandsDominicaGrenadaSt. Kitts and NevisSt. LuciaSt. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Multi-lateral Organizations Trained by the Negotiation Lab: African Development Bank(AfDB); African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States(ACP); United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD); Commonwealth Parliamentary Association(CPA);Overseas Development Institutein the UK(ODI); Commonwealth Secretariat (CS); Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS);Office of the Chief Trade Advisor –Pacific Islands (OCTA). 

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