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At the Odyssey website, we provide resources and templates for use with the Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System. We also provide consultancy, bespoke Odyssey Grid design, customised templates and grids, facilitation and training.

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Leon Conrad

Leon Conrad

Voice-centred communication skills trainer, storyteller

"Who is asking this question? Where precisely is it located?"

Leon Conrad’s vocation is in the field of effectiveness - he has run training courses in effective communication for business for over 20 years. A professional musician and storyteller, he is fluent in five languages – English, Russian, French, Italian and Arabic. He founded The Conrad Voice Consultancy in 1989, now called The Academy of Oratory, which caters to the needs of professional speakers from many disciplines.

As an Associate with The Negotiation Lab, a global multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural project that offers basic and advanced negotiation skills workshops using the Harvard University teaching method and materials, Leon helps clients understand body language, active listening techniques, how to phrase questions, and reframe difficult situations and concepts through rhetorical devices such as analogies, allegories, similes, metaphors and paradoxes. Leon has published several articles on the subject of effective communication, including academic articles in peer-reviewed journals and has been interviewed on BBC Breakfast television as an expert in the subject.


I became fascinated by the links between David's original idea and some powerful story structures I was familiar with. I ended up spontaneously developing a variation on it. The students loved the surprise element it introduced, they loved making connections between the content.


Stories help us make connections between our experiences. They connect to the narrative we tell ourselves in how we lead our lives. They are vital. So, knowing the structure of stories enables us to understand the structure of our lives.

David Pinto

David Pinto

Educational Entrepreneur

"It's not what's written,
but what's read that matters."

David's own school experience went well, achieving 5 Grade A's at Higher Level. Turning down an unconditional offer to study pure mathematics at Oxford University, David decided to expand his horizons early and studied Social Anthropology.

As a career, David conducted a PGCE in Mathematics and as an inspirational teacher innovated self-discipline techniques in mainstream settings for over a decade. He is now an entrepreneur having developed value tracking algorithms, while remaining dedicated to educational reform.


I decided to take my students for a major experimental journey -- off-road mathematics. I wanted to give students the experience of seeing relationships 'between' activities, knowledge and concepts. The students loved taking ownership of their learning journey.


I understand mathematics to be the original science, the ability of the mind to perceive patterns. I am an intuitive mathematician, more than a Platonist or formalist – I am interested in the subjective operation of mathematics: part psychology, part philosophy.