Imagination – Inspiration – Innovation 

Easy recipes for achieving maximum creativity 

Everyone’s creative some of the time, but to be creative on demand you need a tool kit and an opportunities to play with it.  If you find you’ve ever faced a blank sheet of paper, and felt like you’ve come up against the Berlin wall, then this workshop will bring that wall down – for good.

Darling Arts faculty members Giles Abbott and Leon Conrad will help you learn techniques, explore recipes, try out new tricks – all of which are designed to help unleash the creative power that’s already inside you.

It’s not just about what to do but finding the best way of doing it – what works for you in practice.

Who is it for?

  • Business strategists and leaders who need to generate ideas to move organisations forward

  • Innovation and business development professionals who want to explore fresh approaches to generating creative ideas

  • And/or people who lack creative confidence and want some reliable ways of generating creative ideas

Group size: 6–24 (1:12 tutor:student ratio)

Time: 1 day

What will you get out of it?

What we’ll do is cover as many techniques as we can in the time available. We’ll generate some really great ideas. We’ll embed this knowledge. Did I say ‘we’? Yes – we! This is a collaborative workshop run using an Odyssey Grid™. We’ve got to get immersed if we’re going to get our creativity to flow and going on an Odyssey is a superb way of doing that.

We’ll cover ways of being creative using words, images, symbolic approaches – we’ll explore different ways of thinking (going way beyond de Bono or cognitive psychology). We’ll take time to reflect, to build connections that are meaningful to us, and derive new insights as we go.

That way, when you next hit a blank sheet of paper, you’ll see it not as a blank sheet of paper, but as a huge sheet of potential.

This activity is suitable for:

  • Senior leadership trainings

  • Group training

  • Communication and dialogue

  • Team building, collaboration

  • Self work: inner narrative, developing personal skills, understanding one’s story

  • Developing creativity and innovation skills
  • Organisational visioning: corporate narrative, branding, mission statements